Benny the African Giant Rat by Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper
EBook (PDF): £2.90; EBook (EPUB): £5.49; Paperback: £11.84; ISBN (Rev. 2, EBk): 978-1-4476-9065-8, (Rev. 6, Print): 978-1-4092-7011-9
This interesting story with hand-painted illustrations provides a fascinating insight into the care and joys of keeping an African giant pouched rat. It is based upon real-life experiences of raising orphaned baby giant rats in Africa. Suitable for the young pet lover. 
African Giant Rats – an essay: An exotic pet discussion pamphlet by Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper
EBook (PDF): £5.69; EBook (EPUB): £5.99; Paperback: £13.49; ISBN (Rev. 3, EBk): 978-1-257-43299-8, (Rev. 2, Print): 978-0-557-41884-8
African giant pouched rats (Cricetomys gambianus) are the largest species of wild rat found in Africa. This pamphlet is written to add further information to the existing knowledge of the giant rat in the wild and captivity. Over the years the giant rat has become a pet of great interest. Its longevity and gentle nature are bonuses. A wild giant rat will immediately eat a piece of bread from its captor’s hands. May the giant rat continue to provide many hours of enjoyment and thrill to owners all over the world. Giant rats are gentle and nice. They are worth our efforts. Let us be dedicated to their research, care and conservation. 
The African Giant/Pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus) – it’s Physiology, ecology, care & taming
by Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper
EBook (PDF): £; EBook (EPUB): £; Paperback: £25.87; ISBN: 978-1-291-74599-3
This comprehensive rodent textbook is the first of its kind detailing the complete life of the African giant pouched rat, a fascinating exotic species. It includes information gathered from the latest research and advice from current rat owners. It explores the evolution of this species and presents a detailed anatomical description of the adult rat. It also discusses the care of the rat and has a comprehensive section on disease and treatment thereof, including a general discussions on rats. The ecological importance of the rat in the wild is evaluated. It is an extremely useful reference source for virtually any aspect of this remarkable rat species. It is well worth purchasing.
To order, email Dr. Ross Gordan Cooper at Please be sure to mention that you saw his books on the RATS website so he will donate a portion of your purchase to us.
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